Hello, welcome to Collected Auctions. Well gang this is the place we are excited to tell you all about. For some time now we have wanted to get back to offering Facebook auctions. The problem that we have run into is that Facebook with their new business suite has made it so much harder for us to offer them. Their business suite works “jinky” on the best of days and they have eliminated so many useful features that use to make it useful and easy to post an auction there. Our way around this is to start our own auction/sales site so that how we got to where we are today.

What you can expect to find here on Collected Auctions are: Premium Auction, Buy it Now Auctions, 24HR Auctions, Specials deals and other offers. We plan to offer up for sale/auction comics, comics sets, back issues, older exclusives and variants, graded items, Funko, statues, action figures, and many more items as we grow.

We ask that you help us test out the site as we are in a “BETA” test. Please REGISTER and account and start pacing any bids or buy it now items. Please hang in there with us we work out the bumps along the way.

All accounts allow you to pay for your winning items right now via Paypal. All winning auctions must be paid for once won and during payout you can let us know which store you want your item sent to for pickup or if we need to ship directly to you.

So, with all that WELCOME to CollectedAuctions.com

Thank you,

Brent E. Erwin Collected Comics & Games | Collected Auctions

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